Welcome to Casa Estrella Benefit photo gallery. Please browse photos of the event and choose the digital photos you would like to download, this is a great cause and 50% of all proceeds from this gallery will go to Casa Estrella. 

Casa Estrella is a very special home/orphanage, which is located in Rosarito Beach, Baja CA,Mexico. The parents at the home are Joe and Esther Valenzuela. Joe and Esther believe these girls need love, understanding, education and direction to become responsible and productive individuals. When these beautiful young girls arrive at the home, Joe and Esther welcome them lovingly saying: "You are now part of our family. We are your father and mother, and the other girls are your sisters. You will never have to feel alone or be alone again.” With this love and guidance, these girls have been able to adjust to a real family living environment. In addition, they are provided with proper nutrition, superior education, counseling, tutoring, as well as any and all personal needs. For the first time in their lives they are happy and well adjusted to their new life and especially a hope for a real future.

All the photos can be downloaded, just click on the title of the image and the download page will appear. Click on the "Download" button below the image and the photo will download directly onto your computer. The images downloaded are at a much higher resolution than the samples previewed on the gallery and do not have the watermark or the  copyright © symbol on them. For any special requests, please use the "Gallery Support" link

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